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Chained Pirates

The Chain Flagship of Puzzle Pirates

Servants of the Chain
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Ahoy me mateys! This be the official community for the Servants of the Chain.

Herein you'll find yer pillaging announcements in an effort to get our crew members more active. Thar be a shipwrightery stall owned by Captain Agnot and managed by Batina and Jennalyn, a weaving stall owned by Captain Agnot and managed by Batina, and an Iron Monger stall owned by Joakim, wherein we'll be needing some scurvy pirates to help out on orders, so you'll likely be seeing announcements about needing labor here too, arrrr.

The same rules for conduct go here as they do for in the flagship and within the game. Be respectful and polite at all times or else the kraken shall set it's many tooths upon ye booty. Harrr!

Please make sure than any not so subtle posts about our special interest that binds us all together are posted as friends only entries as the community itself is able to be read by the general public.